Getting Ready for Your Child’s First Day

Starting childcare is an exciting milestone for your child and family. Also, the St Clare Group put together some helpful tips to help you prepare for your child to settle into their new learning environment.

The Brook Early Education and Care - Learn through Play - Kindy Aged Girl

Stay and Play

Anxiety often comes from fearing the unknown. Although this might seem like a big issue to tackle, there’s actually a very simple way to soothe you and your child’s emotions. If you can, visit the centre with your child before their first day. Help them find where important things are, like bathrooms and play areas.

Another easy step is to familiarise your child with the centre’s daily routine. Your child will take less time to adjust if they are already practising the settings of lunch, play and nap times.

You can also tell your child stories about what childcare might be like. Read them books about childcare and explain the fun and exciting things that will happen while they are there. Go into detail about the activities they will participate in and the new friendships they will make.

Also talk to them about how it is okay for them to feel sad, frustrated and anxious without you.


One of the best ways to help transition your child into childcare is to let them practice interacting and meeting other kids. Take them to places or activities where other children will be around.

Try taking them to playgrounds, lessons, or even to your local library for story time.

Be Positive

Because your child looks up to you, it’s important that you’ve got a positive attitude about childcare. It’s understandable if you feel anxious too, but both you and your child should view childcare for what it is – a fun and caring environment.

Make sure to focus on positive things when talking about childcare. Emphasise fun things, like playtime and making friends, and not things that might scare your child, like being away from you.

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Consistency is the Key

It will still be scary for both of you after the first day, and you’ll have to continue helping your child settle into childcare. When dropping them off, make sure you tell them when you will be back. Talk to their carer and show that you are confident they will look after them while you are gone. You can also give a comfort item to your child. This can be anything from a cuddly toy to a picture of you.

When it comes time to say goodbye, give them a big hug and kiss and leave them in our very capable hands. Although it will be tough, sending your little one to childcare is an important step in their developmental journey.

4 Essentials to Bring for Your Child

Transitioning your child to childcare is a whole new world and it can be a little daunting to know what you need to bring.

We ask you to bring the following items.

Water Bottle

Preferably a water bottle with a cap or something similar for hygiene purposes. It’s also recommended to choose a water bottle design that opens easily, so your child can get a drink without assistance.


We suggest that children wear comfortable clean clothes that provide free movement for playing. As with all clothing, we discourage singlets and spaghetti straps because they do not provide adequate sun protection.

It is recommended to bring a spare change of clothes, especially if they need toilet training. Likewise, it would be a good idea to pack a few items to accommodate for unexpected changes in weather, such as a jacket.

Providing your children sunglasses to wear during outdoor play is recommended, as well.

St Clare Group - Child playing with toy
The Brook Early Education and Care - Female Preschooler Smiling


We take sun protection seriously and for this reason, as part of their enrolment, children will receive a broad-brimmed bucket hat. Ordinary caps do not provide adequate protection for the neck.

Comfort Item

Some children like to sleep with a specific item, so it’s fine to send it along. A comfort item from home like a toy or blanket can also help ease your child’s transition and help them to feel less anxious.

If you have more questions about what to bring for your child, please contact us.