We Believe Children Learn Best Through Play.

Our Early Learning Curriculum creates engaging learning environments that support each childs’ individuality, understanding of the world and sense of community.

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Each child is unique

We cater to children’s individual personality and optimal potential through our innovative education.

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Play based learning

Children better understand the world in which they live through our planned programs, encouraging them to participate, communicate, investigate, create, and reflect.

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Understand the world we live in

We help our children connect with and contribute to their world, become confident and involved learners, and develop effective communication skills.

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Develop a strong sense of community

We instil children with a sense of well-being and growth to help them to develop a strong sense of community.

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Our devoted team

St Clare’s passionate, playful and professional team of educators are continuously seeking improvement, self-reflection and growth as a part of their personal and professional pedagogy.

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Exceeding expectations

We are dedicated to providing an early childcare experience that exceeds expectations on a daily basis.

Active Early Learning (AEL) Curriculum

Healthier, Fitter and Smarter Kids

The St Clare Group implemented the Active Early Learning (AEL) Curriculum in our centres to support Healthier, Fitter & Smarter children.

The AEL Curriculum is a physical literacy program. It isn’t just about helping children ‘be active’ and ‘fit’ while they are with us, instead it’s a holistic program that helps children build their fundamental movement skills, motivation and physical confidence. These skills become the foundation for a healthy and physically active lifestyle now and in the future.

The AEL Curriculum was developed over two years via a study partnership with the University of Canberra, Deakin University and Active Early Learning. The study investigated the impact of threading core movement education throughout an early learning centre curriculum.

University of Canberra Identifies Curriculum Benefits

Improved fundamental movement skills, which lead to confidence and enjoyment of physical activities.

Significant improvements

Improvements in memory

Improvements in social behaviour including empathy, sharing, negotiation and teamwork.

Improved ability to focus on instructions and complete activities, an important requirement for school.

Classroom confidence and behaviours

AEL: Proven, World-Class Curriculum

AEL’s world-class curriculum creates more engaged children who can learn individually and work together, building physical, social, psychological and cognitive skills. Learn how the AEL will support your child’s development and growth.

Healthier Childen

The AEL curriculum supports children in a lifelong health and wellbeing journey. The program has been developed to cultivate a childs appreciation and motivation to live an active lifestyle. The study estimated that children participating in the curriculum were receiving 28 additional minutes of exercise each day, compared to less progressive early learning centres that don’t have the curriculum. These levels of exercise exceed the World Health Organisation recommendations.

The Brook Early Education and Care - Our Group Philosophy

Fitter Children

The curriculum teaches fundamental movement skills and promotes the development of stronger muscles and joints via active play-based games. Not only do the games deliver physical benefits, but they also assist in the development of important skills and social behaviours required for school, meaning your child will be physically AND mentally equipped for the next stage in their learning journey.

Smarter Children

Ongoing research from the University of Canberra has shown that active children perform better academically (20% improvement in NAPLAN). The AEL Study identified the contributing factors, with children demonstrating increased vocabulary, cognitive development, behaviour, concentration, and the ability to complete activities. These factors provide a solid foundation for a successful transition to the school environment.

Have More Questions?

The AEL Curriculum provides an engaging, play-based physical learning approach for children at a critical time in their development. It helps to build fundamental movement skills, as well as supporting developing the vocabulary, impulse control and social skills that are important for a smooth transition to school.

The curriculum is built into the day via both short and longer duration play-based activities. Our educators are trained to deliver the activities, rather than an external provider who only visits at certain times, and doesn’t understand the specific needs of each child. This means your child will benefit regardless of how frequently they attend, and the content is tailored to suit their ability level. This educator-led approach has been validated as superior by the University of Canberra.

No, our investment in the curriculum is covered by our standard daily fees.

Simply let our staff know you are interested, and they will assist you with the enrolment process.