Our Purpose

To teach your children the ‘Joy Of Learning’.

Our Vision

To excel in early education and care through innovation, culture and quality.

Our Mission

To strive for engaged children, families and educators by embracing the St Clare Way.

The Brook Early Education and Care - Toddlers Sliding down an indoor slide

The St Clare Way

The St Clare Group of Early Education and Care centres has grown from a passionate group of dedicated educators who all believe that caring for your child each day is just the very start of our important role in the early stages of their lives.

We focus on learning to socialise with new friends, learning to grow and develop through play and activity, learning how to help with meals and eating, to learning how to count, read and write. Most importantly, we teach learning about our cultural diversities and how we all coexist in this world together.

Every aspect of our programs is about teaching children the joy of learning, so we can see where they will develop in their life and be ready for that all-important next step in life, their primary school years. If you would like to see where your children could go, contact us.