The Brook Early Education and Care - Education - 6 week - 15 month

BABIES SPACE: 6wks – 2 yrs

We understand how hard it is to part with your little one when they are only a few weeks or months old, and this is why we ensure the absolute highest quality of care for them. Seed, Nest, and Hatchery, our 6 weeks to 15 months rooms, accommodate no more than 8 babies at a time. This helps our educators create emotional bonds with the babies, which is one of the most important factors in early childhood development.

We make sure your child feels safe and supported, so they can develop and grow happy and healthy. At the centre, your child will also develop valuable skills like self-help and social skills, as they interact with other babies in the room.

We provide nutritious meals and nappies, so you don’t have to worry about packing a big bag every day. We do, however, ask that parents bring family photos, so we can help children feel comfortable and comforted.

Whether your child is transitioning from our babies’ rooms or just starting their early education journey with us, Bud, Sapling, and Spring are our 15 months to 2 years rooms.

As they transition from babies into toddlers, our passionate team of qualified educators is ready to support and encourage their natural instincts to explore the world around them.

At this stage, they work on self-help skills like using spoons during meals and adequate hand-washing routines and start getting used to a learning environment, as they learn about colours, parts of the body, animals, and numbers in age-appropriate activities.

The Brook Early Education and Care - Toddler Smiling
The Brook Early Education and Care - Learning through Play - 2-3 year old playing

JUNIORS SPACE: 2yrs – 3yrs

Our Stem, Sprout and Garden rooms are where you find our 2 to 3 year old toddlers. Some of them have been in the St Clare Group community for a while, and some of them are new friends. This is where most of our “messy play” and sensory activities happen, as children use paint, glue, and a wide range of materials to develop motor skills.

At this age, our talented team of passionate educators also focus on developing children’s social skills, like turn-taking, sharing, and saying sorry, please, and thank you.

We also continue to work with children on learning colours, shapes, numbers, and letters, which will help them in their pre-school years, and we further assist them with self-help skills, teaching them to make their beds and keep their belongings tidy.

Thrive is a very special room for us. As it is a transitioning age bracket – see our 2 to 3-year-old rooms, and our 3 to 4-year-old rooms – it allows us the flexibility to accommodate different children’s needs.

Sometimes, 2-year-olds are very different from 3-year-olds, who again, are very different from 4-year-olds. By adding this new bracket, we are able to match children who are in similar stages of development, which helps us better cater to their individual needs.

Educators in this room focus on continuing the work from the younger rooms, to help children prepare for the older rooms and kindergarten program. From sensory activities, motor skill development, and self-help skill building, to slightly more in-depth numeracy and literacy activities, Thrive is full of fun and play-based learning.

The Brook Early Education and Care - Preschooler Catching a ball
The Brook Early Education and Care - Preschooler Smiling

SENIORS SPACE: 3yrs – 5yrs

Harvest and Flourish are our rooms for children in the 3 to 4 years of age bracket. This is where we prepare children for kindergarten – while kindy is not as big of a change as a primary school will be, these little ones are transitioning from being toddlers to kindy, which can be scary and confusing.

Our talented and highly qualified team of educators are here to ensure children feel safe and supported. In the Harvest room, little ones learn numeracy skills, and literacy skills, as they start writing their names.

Children this age are very curious, and to encourage their natural interests, we include science experiments and we use unconventional materials in arts and crafts projects. Children learn about different planets, plants, animals, and use materials like magnets to continue exploring, learning, and understanding the world around them.

Our kindergarten rooms are Blossom, Primavera and Flourish. They have a large outdoor playground, which gives them a lot of freedom to learn through play. Our Kindergarten educators are highly qualified and extremely passionate. They have amazing teaching philosophies and a great school-readiness program in place.

Our goal with the Kindergarten rooms is to prepare children for “big school”. We equip them with skills they will need, like numeracy, literacy, self-help, and fine motor skills. We have a structure in place, but allow children to gravitate to activities they are naturally interested in.

From using scissors and pencils to getting a drink of water or tissue according to their own needs, we make sure the children are ready and feel confident transitioning into primary school. Our educators also have great tips to help parents during this time of change and are always happy to have a chat.

The Brook Early Education and Care - Preschooler riding a bike