National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework is an agreement between all Australian Government Child Departments to work together to provide better educational and developmental outcomes for children. This framework was established to ensure that children receive the best possible start in life and to support their growth and development and covers care across daycare centres including long day care, family day care, kindergarten and outside school hours care.

Children can learn more independently through Reggio Emilia Approach

Components of the National Quality Framework

  • The National Law and National Regulations

  • The National Quality Standard

  • An Assessment and quality rating process

  • National learning frameworks

The Objectives of the NQF

  • Ensure that all children receive high-quality education and care services.

  • Support the development and well-being of children.

  • Foster positive relationships between children, families, and educators.

  • Encourage ongoing improvement and professional development in the education and care sector.

A Guide to the National Quality Framework 2023: 6 Guiding Principles

The NQF is guided by six key principles that ensure children receive the best possible education and care services. These principles are:

  1. The Rights And Best Interests Of The Child Are Paramount: This principle emphasises the importance of placing the well-being and rights of the child at the forefront of all decision-making processes within childcare services.

  2. Children Are Successful, Competent And Capable Learners: This principle recognises the potential of every child to learn and grow, and the role of early childhood education and care services in supporting their development.

  3. Equity, Inclusion And Diversity Underpin The Framework: ensure that all children, regardless of their background or abilities, have equal access to quality education and care services and are valued for their unique qualities.

  4. Australia’s Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Cultures Are Valued: This principle recognises and respects the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s Indigenous peoples and aims to promote their cultural identity and well-being.
  5. The Role Of Parents And Families Is Respected And Supported: This principle recognises the important role of families in a child’s development and the need for childcare services to work in partnership with parents to provide quality care and education.
  6. Best Practice Is Expected In The Provision Of Education And Care Services: This principle sets a high standard for the quality of services provided by childcare centres, emphasising the importance of continuous improvement and the adoption of best practices in the field.
NQF is estimated to provide the best environment for children's development

What this means for you is:

  • Educational Program and Practice: your child is supported to participate in play and learning

  • Children’s Health and Safety: your child is protected from illness and hazards

  • Physical Environment: your child plays in a safe and well-maintained environment

  • Staffing Arrangements: there is always a high ratio of caring educators to give your child the attention they need

  • Partnerships with Families and Communities: local community involvement and respect and inclusion of all beliefs and values

  • Leadership and Service Management: your child is cared for in a positive environment

The major benefits of the National Quality Framework include:

  • Improved educator to child ratios, ensuring children have greater individual care and attention

  • Educators with increased skills and qualifications

  • Better support for children’s learning and development through approved learning frameworks

  • Consistent, transparent information on educators, providers, and services in the national registers

The Brook Early Education and Care - Male Preschooler Climbing

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At The St Clare Group, we are proud to comply with the NQF, from the rights and best interests of the child to equity and diversity, best practices, and respecting the role of parents and families. Our educators are trained to observe and support each child’s development in physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language areas.

With our commitment to the NQF, you can trust that your child is receiving the best care and education in a safe, nurturing environment. Check out what the facilities and educators our childcare centres can provide to give your child the foundation they deserve for a bright future.