The Importance of Block Play and How it Builds the Left Side of the Brain

Block play is a uniquely engaging activity that strengthens a range of skills and traits that children need in their early development. As both a constructive and creative tool, playing with blocks can aid in the development of both motor and mental skills for younger children.

Motor Skills:

• Hand-Eye Coordination

By playing with blocks and building their own little worlds, children lift, pull, and push blocks of all shapes and sizes. At the same time as doing this, they’re strengthening muscles in their arms, hands, and fingers.

• Balance and Depth Perception

In order to build a little house or building out of blocks, children learn the idea of depth perception by balancing placing, organising, and moving the blocks into different patterns.

Mental Skills:

• Self-Expression

Through creating and playing with blocks, children learn creativity and the freedom of self-expression. With the ability to create again and again, there are endless opportunities to be creative when playing with blocks.

• Communication and Problem Solving

When children are playing with blocks in pairs or even a group, there will definitely be instances when more than one child will want to use the same block. This is a brilliant chance for them to build both communication skills and problem-solving.

• Mathematics and Science

Block play incorporates techniques of balance, estimation, and symmetry which helps to strengths the left side of the brain with science and mathematical skills. Whether it’s comparing colours, sizes, or shapes, playing with blocks helps children to develop their minds and skills.

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